Because sometimes the Joey is JoJo.  I want there to be like a series of CGI movies or OVAs just for Steel Ball Run.  I’ve read SBR like two and a half times and it’s just so good.

Serious question

How do I get on the cover of GQ for their anime issue?

ED to new jojo leaked.

Shokotan is actually a really big fan of JoJo btw

Feelin myself.  Need to wipe the windows they way im self esteemin this room.

Feelin myself.  Need to wipe the windows they way im self esteemin this room.

I should post all the fake shit I been doin

Been busy working and playing mmos videogames lately. I’ve been being a real boring dude as of late. But let me show you these imaginary ass adventures I been runnin up on.



so uh i take japanese and this is probably really obvious but some people might not know

Kill la kill is pronounced “kiru ra kiru” in japanese

in Japanese, “Kiru” can mean:

  • to cut
  • to wear clothes

coincidence?? i think NOT

Oh man so uhh Jo la jo is hella nice.

Oh man so uhh Jo la jo is hella nice.

This touch me in an innapropriate place


i hate hip hop if u aint rappin bout guns drugs money hoes cars clothes murda and got jokes then u borin


That means I’m the worst.

Anyone got trap beats?  I need some super high energy instrumentals where I can get everyone hype.  I’m wasting time trying to compose clever lyrics or stories.  D:


Fukrez you need to be like a newsanchor on fox and comedy central.  Dude got all the hard hitting (420 joke) stories and breaking news people really care about.  At some point historians are going to find this man and know he was a national treasure like that Nick Cage movie I think it was called nick of time.



Visual Style 15: Steering in Anime Movies

Anime user interfaces are one of the greatest things ever

This how I drive.

Yeah man these new jojo part 3 trailers are hecka ill.  I’m pretty hype even though I miss kill la kill



Amuro-“I’m at white base, yeah there’s salt everywhere.”

this is an accurate depiction of every relationship I’ve been in

I don’t just mean like romantic relationships either.  I mean with other humans, hobbies, careers, being a human being. 

You can’t say I didn’t try, I did my best.